Testimonial from Linda

I know this sounds like a cliché but my time spent at Oakview was amazing in so many ways.

The hands on experience gave me the skills to continue cooking delicious nutrient packed raw food and vegan meals for my family – and they want more…is this a dream or what??  I learnt so much about food preparation and for this I am grateful.

The relaxing natural surroundings were so quiet. It was easy to relax, reflect, recharge and reconnect with nature.  You can choose bush walks along the creek or take to the hills if you’re adventurous. I made new friends, kangaroos named Maple and Tilly … Wallabies named Shy and her baby and the new houseguest a young male red neck wallaby named Klemo.  To be around these animals was a privilege; I enjoyed their calming, healing influence.

I arrived as a vegetarian who knew I could do more and when I left I was an empowered, confident vegan – raw foody. I feel more alive and I am in balance.

Go see Anne-Marie for 2 days and you will change your life forever.

Just do it!

Testimonial from Terrina

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience at Oakview Wildlife Refuge. Interacting with the animals was an experience I will treasure for life. Everything else was a bonus. The scenery was beautiful, the house was very homely with a fire place that was very welcoming on those chilly mornings. The food was amazing and I loved my chats with Anne-Marie. She answered all my health questions and gave me some awesome tips on cooking and un-cooking food. If you’re looking for a place to recharge your batteries, re-connect with nature and learn some life-changing stuff…This is the place for you!!!

Terrina Wood

Testimonial from Carla

I have been a vegetarian for a while now and never thought I ever would become a vegan. My understanding of a vegan was eating boring food, too hard to prepare, etc. Not having my cheeses and butter, “NO WAY” . But I must admit the opposite is true. We have made beautiful cakes, scrumptious cheeses, chocolate (mmm…), dips. sauces, and many great tasting main dishes.

Anne-Marie has demonstrated professionalism, commitment, and lots of love in what she does, this lovely lady enthusiastically engages in her role as an excellent teacher in nutrition and food preparation. The food that we prepared is from an high standard and so easy to make.

I now love being a vegan, proud of doing my share of saving animals, my health, and making the world a better place!

Thank you Anne-Marie for being such a great example to me.